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ALPINE UNIVERSE is proud to release ORGANIKA, a new song taken from his eponymous debut album featuring a special music video. The music video was directed by David Grabowski and choreographed by Lee Daniel who also worked with such artists as Selena Gomez, Usher and Ariana Grande. It features a female robot who exploresContinue Reading

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He’s ALPINE UNIVERSE; real name Andy Favre and born in the mountains between France, Italy and Switzerland. He proudly presents THE ALPINE UNIVERSE, his eponymous debut album. CHECK OUT ALPINE UNIVERSE’S DEBUT ALBUM HERE After several years of successful releases and live performances at some of the biggest music festivals around theContinue Reading

[wp_ad_camp_2] 2 Years In The Making, Clone’s Black Mask EP Delivers With Impeccable Production & Songwriting While people are still debating the true identity of Marshmello a new masked DJ has risen. But this time, it’s an artist Deadmau5 may love. CLONE as he calls himself is not another copyContinue Reading

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[wp_ad_camp_2] [wp_ad_camp_1] VIRAL VIDEO REMIX POPS OFF  55,000 Views + 2,900 Likes + 1,300 Shares in a short time = OK, check this video out.  And we’re very glad we did!  We’re talking about a very bold remix of Twenty One Pilot’s hit single “Ride” that had even some ofContinue Reading

[wp_ad_camp_2] Double the grittiness and filth, Dissonant is keen on his trademark style Dissonant releases his fantastic 3 track debut EP titled “Lightspeed”, throwing a powerhouse of fantastic stabs and classic dubstep growls back to the mix. His grudge comes with so much pump up and accelerating action it’s difficultContinue Reading

[wp_ad_camp_2] [wp_ad_camp_1] Mysterious, mesmerizing, and full party throttle We’ve watched Vorhxz blow up since his first release on R3GMA records. The “Smiles” EP  is a testimony to his journey up the ranks of the EDM world and his diversity as an artist. This album has simply feel good tracks thatContinue Reading