Dubstep Master Borgore Releases New Kicks!

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The Hundreds would like to introduce the limited edition release of the “Borgore” Johnson Low shoe in conjunction withIsraeli dubstep DJ and producer BORGORE, available now at The Hundreds Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Santa Monica as well as a limited number of authorized retailers worldwide.


BORGORE is a well-known DJ and producer in the dubstep world, with his music often referred to as “Gorestep.” He is the founder of Buygore Records and boasts great style on and off the stage.  With animal prints playing a large part in BORGORE’s signature attire, the special edition “Borgore” Johnson Low is a true testament to the DJ’s music, personality and fashion.

The “Borgore” Johnson Low is a limited edition release, designed by BORGORE and created by The Hundreds.  Constructed with premium silky suede accompanied by leopard print pony hair toe and heel overlay, the sneaker offers both a clean design and unique look that stands out above the rest.  Other features include premium leather lining, waxed laces and the “Borgore”graphic on the insole.  With only a select amount of pairs created and available at limited retailers worldwide, this one-of-a-kind shoe is a Blue Box releaseBORGORE can be seen wearing the shoes during his 30-date headlining U.S. tour in October.

In addition to his collaboration with The HundredsBORGORE’s previous forays into fashion include his limited edition Fanny Wang headphones available at select retail outlets and via his website.

BORGORE, the man who claims he “ruined dubstep,” recently released his DECISIONS EP, which takes over the bass music throne with the title track “Decisions,” featuring his unmistakable wobble bass, a perky female vocal and his own dubstep-influenced rapping. The DECISIONS EP is accompanied by remixes from French house producer Cedric Gervais and Dead Audio, along with BORGORE’s own Dub Mix reworking.

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