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Listen to the release here: Breakbeat appears to be making more frequent visits to ZOYA’s creative space these days,


Listen to the release here:

Promoted Post BannerBreakbeat appears to be making more frequent visits to ZOYA’s creative space these days, and she keeps welcoming this sound with her arms wide open. Whatever she creates triggers vibrant reactions from her fans. However, one certainty remains: should the melodies in her production fade, it would indicate something amiss.

If you’ve had the chance to experience her recent creation “
Sonic Serenity,” you’ll notice a couple of elements that have become signatures of her distinct style while immersing yourself in her latest release, “When Heaven Calls.” For some, this genre might be characterized as an ideal intro or outro to a trance-infused breakbeat. ZOYA herself would interject, describing it as a fusion of delicate melody and contemporary electronic vibes. She aimed to craft something robust and compelling while infusing a fragment of her romantic spirit into the mix. Truly, it’s genuine emotion captured in a five-minute musical masterpiece.

Up until now, the promotional feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. This breakbeat track has garnered support from notable names like Markus Schulz and Jon Gurd, among others. We’re confident you’ll support it as well once you listen to it. Don’t pass up the opportunity; “When Heaven Calls” is currently accessible on all major streaming platforms:


01. ZOYA – When Heaven Calls (Original Mix)
02. ZOYA – When Heaven Calls (Extended Mix)

Learn more about ZOYA below:




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