[wp_ad_camp_2] “Mr. Faber’s talent is incredible. He films video live, bringing in unique and powerful effects on the fly, changing lenses constantly. His camera work is much like DJing live – the effects and essence he achieves cannot be replicated in post-production. Simply a must watch.” KALM KAOZ and itsContinue Reading

[wp_ad_camp_2] MASSIVE DECKS and THE PACHA GROUP have partnered to throw the first ever ELECTRIK KOOL-AID Ibiza closing-season party on September 29th. KALM KAOZ will rock Ibiza and debut tracks from their new EP, K-Hole, at Pacha’s world-renowned Ibiza club, LIO. They will perform alongside friends PLASTIK FUNK, known for their countless smashes on TigerContinue Reading

[wp_ad_camp_2] KALM KAOZ, the Komplextro ‘60s and ‘70s inspired DJ Group hailing from Los Angeles, announce the release of their first EP, K-Hole, and four new singles on the MASSIVE DECKS RECORDINGS label. The first of four singles, “GET HAPPY”, uses the vocals of the talented and radiant Ashley Kepler. Each song will be released together with a specialContinue Reading