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Stream link: https://avaion.lnk.to/VIZE_Leony_Pieces  Promoted Post A song born out of bad experiences, ‘Pieces’ has ultimately become a song of resounding positivity


Stream link: https://avaion.lnk.to/VIZE_Leony_Pieces 

Promoted Post

A song born out of bad experiences, ‘Pieces’ has ultimately become a song of resounding positivity for Germany’s gifted electronic figure, AVAION. Following its initial release on RCA back in 2019, AVAION delivers a new spin on his platinum-selling single with the inclusion of VIZE and Leony on this 2021 version.

At its core, AVAION’s music is emotionally raw, entwined by the narratives of failed relationships and dramatic experiences. It’s brutally honest. So, it is not surprisingly his music has begun drawing him admirers for both his songwriting and electronic sensibilities as a producer. Of those enthusiasts, German acts VIZE and their muse vocalist Leony reached out with interest in working together. The opportunity led to a duet version of the track materialising from the collaboration with AVAION’s breathy, vocal approach complemented by the arrival of female topline lead, Leony’s beautiful and fragile timbre.


Leony’s layered vocal part alongside AVAION’s topline is elevated by VIZE, who buff the original single’s melancholic tone into a stauncher club record still brimming with that opaque texture familiar with AVAION’s music. With this collaboration on his biggest single to date, AVAION voyages into new territory with stunning effect. 

Commenting on the collaboration, AVAION said: “Until now, I’d have believed a collaboration with the likes of VIZE and Leony was a long way beyond my reach because both acts are renowned stars who have hit, after hit to their name. So, I was a little blown away to hear that they both love ‘Pieces’ and would like to produce a new duet version together. The collaboration between us went well, and I’m happy about how this new version of ‘Pieces’ came out.”


VIZE added, “Discovering ‘Pieces’ for the first time, we were taken by the exposed honesty of the record. We played the song to Leony and discussed making a cover version for an upcoming show. We sought AVAION’s blessing to perform it live and from that contact we ended up discussing making a new version, a kind of duet rework of his original version.”

This new interpretation of ‘Pieces’ marks AVAION’s 7th single in two years. The triumph of his growth in this time frame is the culmination of 90 million+ streams and over 2.1 million monthly Spotify listeners. The award-winning ‘Pieces’ charted in the Spotify Top 100 in South AfricaTop 50 in Mexico and Italy – even charting at #30 in the Italian Billboard Dance Chart. With over 12 million YouTube views, going Top 50 in Apple Music charts in 8 countries and clocking 100million+ views across TikTok and Instagram, ‘Pieces’ has become a rooted piece within the identity of AVAION’s music.

EDM duo VIZE have enjoyed unprecedented success with their music since bursting onto the music scene back in 2018. Clocking up more than 1.5 billion streams and 1.3 million records sold, as well as over 20 gold and platinum awards across eight countries. The duo, consisting of producer Vitali Zestovskih and DJ Johannes Vimalavong, combine uplifting melodies with high-voltage basslines and have a knack for creating timeless releases. Something fellow collaborators Felix Jaehn, Afrojack, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Papa Roach can all attest.

With a string of gold and platinum discs to her name and some 230 million streams worldwide for her music, the résumé of Leony is an impressive body of work. From collaborations with elite stars that include Alan Walker, Dimitri Vegas, Imanbek and Sam Feldt, the girl with a big voice from Bavaria has touched the world with her remarkable singer/songwriter talent Leony.


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